Back from Hiatus!

This year has been tough. I lost two grandparents and got some bad news about my own health, but I took some healing time and am happy to get back to reading the reviewers I follow and making some of my own!

I sincerely hope you’ve had a good half of 2017, and hope we’ll connect over some good (and bad!) books for the rest of it.


Honored Beyond Words! Black Cat, Blue Sea Award (and my nominations for the same)


I am speechless with gratitude to Sophie at Blame Chocolate for nominating me to share in the Black Cat, Blue Sea Award. I love her blog, and if you check it out you’ll see that she encourages blogger community, and her reviews are fun and thoughtful. I wholeheartedly recommend you follow them like I do! Thanks so much, Sophie!

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8 Reading Recommendations (& 2 Poems) for Mabon/Winter Finding

Mabon is the Second Harvest, the autumn equinox, the last hurrah of summer. Named for the Welsh god Mabon ap Modron, it is a time to celebrate the harvest and the fruits of the labor that gives us sustenance. It is also a time to venerate the crone aspect of the goddess, the Dark Mother. Below are some recommendations for books that have given me perspective on womanhood, aging, the darkness, darker aspects of human will, etc. Happy Winter Finding, and Merry Mabon! May we all benefit from a crone’s wisdom today, on Mabon, and may the things we harvest sustain us all through the approaching cold dark of winter.

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Celebrating a Menstruation Scene in an Epic Fantasy (minor spoiler for Empire of Storms)

I just have to share this scene from Empire of Storms, and how cool it is to find a reference to menstruation in an epic fantasy that goes further than some Medieval-esque remark about a “first blood,” or “moon” or whatever and addresses the technicalities of questing with ovaries. Cause, you know, when you’re escaping terrifying fellbeasts with a dangerous, 500+ year old Fae warrior and trying to make it to your long lost queen to give her a weapon that will change the course of the war…you’ll more than likely get your period along the way. 

Do any period depictions in fantasy stand out to you? Please share!

Lazy Day = Time Spent with Empire of Storms

I am loving Empire of Storms, and I can’t think of a better way to spend a lazy Saturday than making some progress on a good book while the hubster and doggies snooze in low light of the evening. Siiighh. Good day! 

I hope, wherever you are, you’re enjoying an equally relaxing day with a good book.

Podcast Rec: Kameron Hurley on Geek Feminism, via Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy


Kameron Hurley writes brutal, amazing fiction. Her blog post “We Have Always Fought: Challenging the ‘Women, Cattle and Slaves’ Narrative,” was the first to be nominated for (and win) a Hugo Award. I just listened to her interview on Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy and wanted to share it with you, in case you’re as interested in geek feminism, female writers of SFF, and the portrayal of women in SFF as me. 🙂

Her latest book is the essay collection The Geek Feminist Revolution, and she wrote my favorite book of 2014, The Mirror Empire.

Book Review: Cruel Beauty

Title_ Cruel BeautyAuthor_ Rosamund HodgeSeries_ Cruel Beauty Universe, #1US Publisher_ Blazer + BrayRelease_ 2014357 pagesMy Rating_ 4_5 stars-3


Title_ Cruel BeautyAuthor_ Rosamund HodgeSeries_ Cruel Beauty Universe, #1US Publisher_ Blazer + BrayRelease_ 2014357 pagesMy Rating_ 4_5 stars

“I love you more than any other creature, because you are cruel, and kind, and alive.”

God, I love hateful, willful, unruly women. Is it because I am one? Ha, I don’t know. My husband could probably shed some light on this, but I’m afraid to know just how often those words might come to mind. If it turns out it’s fairly frequent, hopefully he’ll follow that revelation like Ignifex and say that’s part of my appeal. Or maybe it’ll be one of those times I’ll be proud to be called willful and unruly, and like Nyx, I won’t care. I’ll know it’s true and glory in it.

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