Honored Beyond Words! Black Cat, Blue Sea Award (and my nominations for the same)


I am speechless with gratitude to Sophie at Blame Chocolate for nominating me to share in the Black Cat, Blue Sea Award. I love her blog, and if you check it out you’ll see that she encourages blogger community, and her reviews are fun and thoughtful. I wholeheartedly recommend you follow them like I do! Thanks so much, Sophie!


  1. Anybody nominated can nominate seven other bloggers.
  2. The nominee answers three questions posed by the nominator.
  3. The questions you ask while nominating can be any three questions.
  4. If any of the questions asked are offensive or the nominee simply does not want to answer, the nominee does not have to answer them to earn the award.


  1. If you had to live as a character for one day, who would it be and why?
  2. Has an author’s personal views and/or lifestyle ever kept you from enjoying/trying to read their work? If so, why?
  3. Growing up, did you have an imaginary friend? What was it like?

Question #1

If I had to live as a character for one day, I’d choose to be Katsa from Graceling. She’s a kickass warrior, she knows exactly what she wants from life, and she’s dedicated her skills to teaching women and girls self-defense. Plus she has one green eye and one blue and she gets to make out with Po. 🙂

Question #2

An author whose personal views kept me from enjoying his work is Orson Scott Card. I normally try not to find out too much about an author (most of my heroes right books and they say never meet your heroes) for this very reason, but Card has been very vocal about his opposition to the right to marry for the LGBTQ community. I’m not going to spend money on or promote an artist’s work if I know they’re donating to vile things like Prop 8/DoMA/etc. This isn’t to say that a writer has to be a fellow card-carrying liberal feminist, but I draw the line when it comes to hate speech and participation in hurtful campaigns. I found this out after I read Ender’s Game and Speaker of the Dead, both of which I enjoyed.

Question #3

I did have an imaginary friend! Its name was WeedBat, my dad tells me. I don’t remember WeedBat myself, but it was apparently my constant companion. I made it my scapegoat the time I wrote my name in crayon on the wall and the time I decorated the living room with maxi pads when the insurance man came by. XD I wish I could remember! Sounds like we had a blast.


  1. Kristen @ kristentwardowski
  2. Sheila @ That Bookshelf Bitch
  3. @writingthedreamblog
  4. Jody & Amanda @simplyreadingblog
  5. Kelly @ Kelly’s Book Blog
  6. Lindsey @ A Piece of Paradis
  7. Sarah @ The Critiquing Chemist

I think you all have wonderful blogs and really enjoy interacting with you and reading what you have to say. 🙂  — (I’m new to the blogosphere, ya’ll, so I hope I’m using pingbacks correctly!)


  1. What’s your favorite book genre, and why?
  2. What’s a particularly imaginative/fascinating setting or piece of world-building you’ve encountered in a book lately?
  3. Beyond blogging, do you have aspirations as a writer, and if you do, are you working on something you’d like to talk about?

One thought on “Honored Beyond Words! Black Cat, Blue Sea Award (and my nominations for the same)

  1. Yay, it’s up! And I’m the one who’s speechless after so much praise, thank you so much ❤ *hugs* I had no doubt in my mind that you were deserving of this award, seeing as I find myself spending so much time here 🙂
    I loved your answers, by the way! Please keep writing and inspiring others ^^


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