Soundtrack Saturday: Grisha, Grisha, Grisha!

The Hardcover Lover’s Soundtrack Saturday is a book blog meme after my own heart. I know I love a book and it’s really reached me if I think about it while I’m going about my day, especially when I’m listening to music. I’m sure you’ve experienced it, too. You’re settling in to do the dishes (insert mindless domestic drudgery) or driving, turn on some music, and next thing you know you’re transported to Velaris on Starfall, and Feyre and Rhysand are dancing, and obvisouly it’s what the songwriter intended because it’s just too perfect. 🙂

I’ve blasted through the Grisha trilogy by Leigh Bardugo this weekend, despite a persistent migraine and so much homework, and while I haven’t had time to finalize my reviews yet I’ve already caught myself thinking of the books, the characters, the powerful imagery while I’m listening to music. So here’s my mini book soundtrack for The Grisha Trilogy! See below the list for answers to the meme prompts.

  1. “Coming Down,” Halsey
  2. “Castle,” Halsey
  3. “In the Dark,” Ira Wolf
  4. “Hero,” Lissie
  5. “Bad Things,” Meiko
  6. “Hollow,” Emily Vaughn

Listen to the playlist on Spotify

  • A song that goes well with the beginning of the series:
    • “Castle,” by Halsey is like Alina’s slow realization of what the Darkling has in store for her and how he’s planned out her future.
  • A song that fits a character:
    • “Hollow,” by Emily Vaughn makes me think of the Darkling. He’s charming and seductive and adept at manipulating people, but he’s…hollow.
  • A song that represents a relationship in your chosen book:
    • I have two that make me think of the Darkling and Alina, and whatever it is that is between them. “Coming Down” by Halsey is about finding both god and the devil in a lover, but the line about being a fool for sacrifice and finding a martyr also makes me think of Alina & Mal. “In the Dark” is strictly Darkling and Alina, though, and I’m thinking specifically of the spectral visits they pay one another. Partial lyrics:




  • A song that fits the ending of the book:
    • “Hero,” by Lissie, because it reminds me that Alina had some pretty powerful and diverging choices to make about who she would become, or who she’d let influence that becoming. Thankfully she chose to be a hero, but she wasn’t a comfortable saint.


Any songs to add?


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